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Handset Leasing

Edge Telecom has collaborated with Wyse Leasing to enable us to offer our clients a number of finance options where they can spread the cost of expensive mobile and IT equipment.

This solution enables our clients to acquire the most expensive hardware whilst benefiting from 100% tax relief and a fixed repayment plan that suits their budgetary requirements. 

The benefits to you include

  • Keep costs to a minimum

    By spreading the cost of hardware it enables clients to keep their expenditure low by getting the best tariffs that have not been inflated to cover the cost of expensive handsets.

  • Flexible tenures

    You can choose from various repayment plans, allowing you to spread the costs over a term that suits, and puts you in charge of when you want to upgrade your handsets, not the networks.

  • Tax allowable

    Hardware rentals are classed as an operating expense within a business and are therefore fully tax deductible.